How I Got Flawless Skin On My Wedding Day

Flawless Skin On My Wedding Day

Hi! My name is Lauren, and I had perfect skin on my wedding day. I never thought I’d be so lucky, since I had bad acne in my teens, leading to what I thought was uneven texture for a lifetime, plus I’ve suffered from eczema since I was born. My skin is always the worst when I’m stressed, and since I planned my entire wedding myself, I assumed it would be a problem.

I came across when searching for skincare companies based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and that’s when I met my skincare fairy godmother, Houria. The first time we spoke after our initial conversation, she gave me an over-the-phone skincare consultation, but it felt more casual than that – like a friend who was innately concerned about the health of my skin. She asked me questions about the condition of my skin, my current regimen (nearly non-existent), and about products I’ve tried. For the record, I’m allergic to a lot of products, I have one product I’m in love with, and sometimes I’m too tired to take my makeup off before bed, which I know is really bad.

A few days after the consultation, a package arrived in the mail with samples to try. I gave my skincare fairy godmother a call before I touched anything, and she described in great detail how I should use each product. She encouraged me to introduce each thing slowly so I wouldn’t get burnt out on an involved skincare routine right away. My goal was to just get into the basic regimen that was laid out for me over the phone: cleanse, tone, moisturize.

The problem before I found was that I would go to a drugstore, buy a product that had been recommended by some beauty YouTuber, and then give it up when I didn’t see results. I don’t even want to know how much money I’ve wasted over the last decade on this process. I was worried about the cost of everything once I figured out which products worked, but when I calculated it out, it was actually a better investment than my previous attempts. Plus, you can’t put a price on your time. is built on a foundation of skin science, all I needed to do was ask for help.


I tested a bunch of products, starting about 6 or 7 months prior to my wedding, but I’ll run you through what led to my skincare success. It all started by washing my face every morning with the Morning Cleanser (omg it smells SO good). Once I started looking forward to my cleansing routine, I added the Comfort Lotion,
which Houria suggested I use as a toner. After a few days I added in the Soothing Melting Fluid because my dry skin was craving that moisture. Then I began to use Desquacrem on Sunday nights, which I deemed my “spa night”. After a few weeks, the texture of my skin improved so drastically, I felt like I finally had that smooth, touchable skin I was always jealous of. The funny thing about going from no skincare routine to an actual regimen was that when my skin improved, I fell in love with it, and when I began to love my skin, I felt a true desire to take care of it.


About a month before my wedding, I realized that all I had to do was stick with this super simple routine, and my skin would be perfect on the big day! Here I am today with the pictures to prove it. I’m so, so happy that my skin was one thing I didn’t have to worry about leading up to my wedding, and I have my skincare fairy godmother to thank for that. If you’re ready to meet your skincare fairy godmother, click here 


About the Author:
Lauren Brown is an anxious blogger living a fearless, adventurous life. She recently moved from California to China with her husband and is documenting their adventures in her travel and lifestyle blog:

Photo Credit: Alec O’Grady of O’Grady Photography

Wedding Day Skin

wedding day skin

Top 10 Tips Perfect Wedding Day Skin

Wedding day skin on her wedding day, every bride wants to feel as confident and beautiful as Queen Nefertari. Step one? Skincare, of course! Guarantee flawless skin on your big day by following these top 10 skincare tips.

Start Now

Whether your wedding is a few months or a few years away, the best thing you can do for yourself is start thinking about your skincare as soon as possible! This preparation starts with research, which means you’re at the right place! We highly recommend reading through other skincare posts on the Nefertari blog that pertain to your particular skin type and start making lists of products you want to test out**. If you’re a visual person, it may help you to create a schedule for yourself from now until the wedding.

Find The Right Products

As all women know, there is no single routine that works for everyone’s skin. Finding the right products, especially if you’re starting from scratch, can be time consuming and at times frustrating, but we promise it’s worth it! We recommend that you test each product for at least one to two weeks to really see how your skin reacts and write down your thoughts so you don’t forget.

Don’t Forget The Basics

Once you’ve tested out enough products, you can create your perfect skincare routine. When you’re figuring this out, it’s important to remember the basics: cleanse, tone, moisturize. Be sure that your skincare routine includes each of these 3 steps to keep your skin feeling balanced and ready wedding day skin.

Make It A Habit

Just like brushing your teeth, showering, or taking daily pills, your skincare will eventually become a habit if you keep doing it. Find a way to work your desired skincare habits into your normal daily routine whether you set an alarm or simply train yourself to associate it with a certain part of your day. Feel like you’re too busy for a skincare routine? Try reading this for more tips for wedding day skin. (Too Busy For Skincare?)

Spa Day

Pick one day a week for a “spa day”. This should be a day where you have time to treat your skin and take it slow. On “spa day”, use those products your skin loves but doesn’t need much of, like exfoliating products, deep cleansing masks, etc. Relax and enjoy your special treatment! (pamper yourself)

Protect Yourself

The sun is the most damaging thing to your skin, so in the months leading up to your wedding, take extra precautions when exposing your skin to the sun. Don’t forget that the sun has a chance to damage your skin even when there’s clouds, snow, and fog. Be sure that you’re protecting yourself with wide brim sun hats and daily application of SPF, whether it’s in your daily moisturizer or you apply it separately. (Nefertari sun care)

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Sleep is good for so many reasons, one of them being your skin! Your skin does a lot of healing and regenerating overnight, so its important that you give it this downtime. Getting an average of 8 hours of sleep a night also helps to keep your stress at a minimum, which in turn helps your skin.


We’ve talked about what your skin takes from the outside, but its important that we not forget what you put in your body matters just as much. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of the nutrients your skin craves can be one of the most effective techniques for improving skin! Fill your meals with a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, go for healthy fats like nuts and olive oil, and choose antioxidant-rich ingredients like salmon and dark chocolate. If an entire diet makeover seems too daunting, ask a nutritionist!

Quality Makeup

Just because makeup is effective does not mean it is good for your skin. Makeup can be incredibly harmful to your skin, blocking pores and not allowing your skin to take fresh breaths of oxygen. Using high quality makeup (Sothys makeup) that’s formulated for healthy skin makes a huge difference for wedding day skin.

Stress Relief

Incorporate stress relieving activities into your daily live. Walking, yoga, meditation, reading, and even coloring books have been shown to relieve stress. Find what works for you – your skin will thank you for it!

**Blog posts by skin type:
sensitive skin skincare for swimmers, mature skin, male skin, acne prone or problem skin, young skin, combination skin, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, puffy eyes or dark circles.

For our favorite products or more information, check out!
Don’t see your skin type or have a question about your wedding day skin? Contact us!

Preparing Your Skin For Valentine’s Day


Preparing Your Skin

Everyone wants to have great looking skin for Valentine’s Day.  Both men and women make the effort to look as appealing as possible as part of their Valentine’s Day gift to their significant other. There are a few things you can do to make sure your skin is glowing, as long as you take the time to prepare in advance.

Deep Cleansing/Facial Treatments

One option for getting your skin ready for the romance of Valentine’s Day is to go for a deep cleansing skin treatment. This can clear out your pores and make you look and feel sexier.  However, a fun alternative many women (and some men) are turning to is a chocolate facial. If you don’t want to go to the spa to have this done you can whip up a chocolate facial at home. Just make sure you use dark chocolate for all its benefits. The ingredients in dark chocolate are actually very good for your skin. Studies have been conducted that have proven the flavonols in chocolate can help hydrate you skin, improve its texture and even make it thicker and stronger.

Skin Cell Repair

A chocolate facial can also result in the repair of skin cells and can work to prevent future skin damage. Your skin will also look better and be healthier because the chocolate facial will improve your blood flow. Blood vessel function greatly improves as a result of chocolate facials as well. To create your own chocolate facial at home all you need is cocoa powder, honey, plain yogurt and a vitamin E capsule pierced and drained.

Smart Skin Care For Him

For the special man in your life, suggest that he uses just the right skin care products so that you will know on the big night that his skin will look as good as yours does. There are facial masks made specifically for men and if yours loves you and wants to give you an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, he’ll be willing to use then. Encourage them to try at least one facial mask within a few days before the special night arrives. Even if they don’t do it until Valentine’s Day should still see great results quickly. Ask your man to use a facial mask that includes green tea and clay because these ingredients will apply healthy antioxidants to his skin that will give it a special glow. If you want to truly make it a romantic experience, apply the facial mask for him. He will be relieved that he didn’t have to do it himself and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are teaching him how to care for his skin properly. He will also be thrilled to know that keeping his skin as healthy as possible will make him look and feel younger. And that is something you can both appreciate. If you are overwhelmed at the thought of choosing the right skin care treatment for you or your man, head over to for all the skin care advice you will ever need. Here you can find high quality skin care products for him, or for yourself. You can even find skin treatment plans that will work for both of you.

Photography: Franck Gomez (with permission)

Sothys Skin Care this Father’s Day!

Show that you really love your father- Give him Sothys Skin Care products this Father’s Day

When it comes to buying a gift for fathers day, most of us would skip a heart beat by seeing various high priced items show cased in the major gift shops. You could just grab a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates from a supermarket. Does that give a true representation of what specials days are all about? Due to recession and credit crunch you may be holding on to your wallet but there are creative ways to show your love for your father by thinking outside the box.Why not gift him a gift voucher so that your father can select his own gift, most of us are unaware of what our fathers want as we are stuck up with our office work and rarely spend time with our fathers.

Should I gift him a skin care Product?

Yes, why not its an awesome idea. When we reach 40 our skin becomes dry and dull.Age sports start to form on our face and in the back of the hands.At the age of 50 our skins stats to wrinkle and it worsens as we reach 60, our facial tissue becomes more sensitive to elements, our skin becomes thin and dry. A quality cleanser is better for your fathers skin than a soap.

An anti wrinkle cream is also a great option.You need to keep in mind three things before buying an anti wrinkle cream.The first one is to avoid products with cheap ingredients like the ones containing Synthetic waxes and mineral oils such as liquid paraffin and paraffin wax. They can harm your facial skin by clogging your pores and causing acne breakouts. All Sothys Skin Care products are noncomedogenic and they do not clog facial pores. No crude alcohol or animal extracts are used and if you are an animal lover then this information would also surprise you as Sothys products are never tested on animals.

The second fact to keep in mind is whether the products claim clinically proven results.Is effective and works? Some products claim to enhance skin elasticity by 42% in only 18 days and if its clinically proven then that could also work for your skin type.

The third fact is that you can search online and buy cosmetics from a reputable cosmetics company that operates online like Nefertari. Nefertari features a variety of  cleansers, serums, anti-aging treatments, and body balms from reputed brands. Why I prefer online shopping of cosmetics is that buying cosmetic products from department store are costly.They only feature cosmetic products of big brands.I’ve discovered that many excellent, reasonably priced cosmetic brands like Sothys are available here at, and are shipped directly to our customers.

Gifting your father with a nice Sothys Homme Skin for skin and body collection along with a few natural grooming tools might be just the thing to put him on the path to smoother, softer, and healthier skin.He would appreciate that.And a few words about the price you have to pay in your shopping cart.

Just remember your younger days when your dad used to buy you items of your choice sometimes from an overpriced fair or mall. He never really cared about the price, he cared about you, your happiness. Sometimes you have to forget the price to bring joy in the faces of the ones you love.Gift certificates are available for all Néfertari products.we can you develop the perfect gift package for you this Fathers Day. I forgot to mention about The Men’s Discovery Kit its selling at a 20% discount, plus the trial sizes are free gift-with-purchase. Its really a lovely fathers day gift. Check it Out at Specials.

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