Hydration by Hyaluronic Acids


Hydration and Hyaluronic Acids – The Secret to Perfect, Flawless Skin

Hydration: Just as our bodies require water to maintain optimum functioning, so do our skin cells that have to take the brunt of all that heat and chemicals and dirt and pollution coming from the environment. Being the natural barrier against these external forces, our skin unfortunately has to wear the battle scars of such defense.

As such we should be able to help our skin in its defensive functions. We need to make sure that every cell in our skin is functioning properly. And one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by drinking lots of clean fresh water to help our skin stay hydrated. And while drinking liters upon liters of water can do our skin good, we can also help it a lot better by using skin care products that are designed primarily for hydrating the cells of the skin. This is where hyaluronic acid products come in.

Just what is hyaluronic acid anyway?

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan that is very important in maintaining the integrity of nervous, epithelial, and connective tissues. Its role in the skin is largely anchored in its ability to stimulate re-epithelialization as well as on its ability to provide an open and hydrated skin infrastructure for the more effective absorption and distribution of nutrients to the different skin cells. Without hyaluronic acid, nourishing the skin will be quite challenging. This is what makes hyaluronic acid truly a miracle skin care substance.

Two of the latest innovations in skin cell hydration from Sothys of Paris are the 1055 Boletus extract and the Hydra 3HA systems.

The 1055 Boletus extract is synthesized from the world famous porcini mushroom, a mainstay in many Italian dishes that call for a strong nutty flavor. The 1055 Boletus extract is rich in Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E and has been shown to be very effective in improving the flow of fluids in the skin’s structure making it looking and feeling supple and refreshed. This hydrodynamic property of the 1055 Boletus extract is largely attributed to its biomimetic phospholipids and H2CR ingredients reactivating and improving the various functions of the cell and provides excellent protection against oxidative stress. The 1055 Boletus extract has been shown to improve the skin’s hydration status by as much as 34 percent within 1 week. Additionally, 4 out of 5 women who have tried 1055 Boletus extract said they looked definitely younger after only a single application.

The Hydra 3HA is Sothys answer to the need to reinvent the hyaluronic acid. Daily applications of the formulation will keep the skin hydrated to produce a suppler, more vibrant-looking, fresher, and generally healthier skin all day long. The 3HA solution includes a hydrating gel cream, an intensive hydrating serum, and a smoothing mask all of which work together to provide unparalleled skin perfection. The overall effect is that the skin definitely looks visibly younger and smoother.

The key to a beautiful, youthful, and flawless skin is hydration. By drinking plenty of fluids and using hyaluronic acid products like 1055 Boletus extract and the Hydra 3HA system, you can be well on your way to a healthier, more vibrant, and perfectly-looking skin.

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At-Home Facial Firming Treatments: Give Your a Face Lift

face lift

Give Yourself Face Lift: A Safer Alternative to Surgery

Surgery is such a drastic measure to take. There are serious risks involved and the result could be permanent damage to your skin. This is not to mention the high cost of anti-aging surgical procedures, such as skin laser resurfacing, the four dimensional face lift, endoscopic forehead or eyebrow lifts, aesthetic eyelid surgery, liposculpture, and more.

Some are willing to take the risk because they’re so desperate to look younger. Yet the effectiveness of at-home facial firming treatments means it’s really not necessary to go to the extreme of surgery just to get younger looking skin.

Doing a skin firming treatment in the comfort of your own home can quickly erase aging signs. Using the right products and procedures, the results of at-home anti-aging treatments come even faster than those of surgery, especially when surgical recovery time is factored in. Plus, there’s far less risk and expense. All of this make DIY skin treatments to tighten skin a better option.

Much Better than Homemade Remedies

There seems to be no limit to the number of homemade anti-aging treatments found recommended on the internet. In the search for the fastest and most effective way to get youthful-looking skin, people have tried everything from egg yolks to used coffee grinds and even Preparation H.

While many swear the home remedy they use gives them great results, the story often isn’t the same for the majority of people who give the suggested homemade anti-aging skin care remedy a try. Instead, disappointment is all they get.

Those serious about looking younger without a surgical face lift might be willing to try an odd skincare home remedy or two, but their ultimate goal is to get real results. This can only come by using proven products. By using the same great anti-aging and skin tightening treatments used by professionals, results come quickly and are guaranteed.

More Convenient Than the Spa

There’s no denying that trips to the spa can be loads of fun and often effective in reversing aging. Many of the anti-aging treatments provided in spas really do work. In fact, this is what has led to the great success of Sothys spas.

Sothys has locations in New York and Paris, but it’s not necessary to travel just to get the same great spa-level results. Instead, the treatments can be easily done at home.

Nefertari is a trusted retailer for Sothys skin care products. Customers are able to use the same, highly effective products as the ones used in all the Sothys spa locations. It means they can get vibrant, more youthful looking skin without even leaving the house.

Claim Your Tighter, Younger Skin Right Now

Transform your own home into a luxurious spa by ordering anti-aging products from Nefertari. We proudly offer Sothys usa brand skin care, which boasts a complete system you can use to get skin that’s flawless, soft, and beautiful. Finally reclaim all that the years have taken away without face lift.

Not sure which products are the best for your skin? Then consider having a Nefertari skin care consultation for a non surgical face lift. This will help you get the best possible results, effectively combatting the signs of aging and bringing you rejuvenated skin.

Get Clearer Skin and Jumpstart New Year’s Resolution

clearer skin
Get Clearer Skin Now

The time to make your 2014 New Year’s resolution has come. What will it be? If you’ve been struggling with problematic skin, possibly you should consider making clearer skin your resolution. No matter what condition your skin is in, its possible to create a better you because feeling beautiful is something that seeps deep into your spirit and can change your life in some very unexpected ways. Making New Year’s resolution is all about advancing towards the positive in as many ways as possible.

Setting goals for clearer skin

Some people are in the habit of setting the same New Year’s goals time after time. Every year they want to lose weight. Every year they want to earn more money, start a business, take that vacation they’ve been promising themselves, go back to school, and on and on. It happens for some. For some people the New Year’s resolution they make not only brings about a change in them for that year, but sets them on a road of good that continues for the rest of their lives.

You deserve clearer skin

Beautiful skin is something you deserve. Making a 2014 New Year’s resolution to get clearer skin is your right. It’s a goal that can be kept. It’s something worth being dedicated to. It’s not selfish in any way. Do you know that the beauty of your skin can open up doors in your life that may have otherwise been shut? Do you know that having an aurora around you thanks to you’re glowing, radiant skin can win you favor amongst the greats? You don’t have to want to be a super model in order for having beautiful vibrant skin to deliver you numerous benefits.

Some worry about being too vane, so they never put much thought into caring for their skin. They simply keep it clean, if that, and possibly use some sort of moisturizer. Somehow they feel justified, even upright in character. They like having the ability to claim that they put the needs of others before their own, but is that really the best approach to things? Taking care of yourself is taking care of others; especially those you love and who love you. Don’t you think they want and deserve to see you at your best? You are meant to have gorgeous skin because that’s how you are created to be.

You might name other things for your list of 2014 New Year’s resolutions, but if you’ve been struggling with your skin, or your skin is not as healthy and as radiant as it could be, then be sure to add “get clearer skin” to the list. Make it a resolution you’ll stick too. Make it a goal you’ll accomplish.

If you don’t know the very first thing about your skin or how to give it the care it needs to be its best, don’t let that stop you. Consider getting a Nefertari Skin Care Consultation and allow us to be a part of you’re achieving your goals. Happy New Year!

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Healthy Skin: You Can Have It Anywhere

You already know that factors such as temperature, humidity and pollution can wreak havoc on your quest for healthy skin. Depending on your own personal chemistry, you may experience breakouts during hot, humid weather; dryness during cold weather; oiliness on high pollution days; or irritation associated with seasonal allergies. At Nefertari, we understand the importance of using the appropriate skincare products for the climate and conditions of where you are. This is true whether you live in a place known to be hard on the skin or somewhere that naturally promotes good skin health.

It’s no secret that some cities are harsher on even healthy skin. If you have acne-prone, dry or sensitive skin, though, even regions with mild climates and few pollutants can be irritating. This is why it’s important to understand the challenges of the city that you are traveling to (or live in!). It’s also important to take the steps necessary to keep your skin as healthy and supple as possible, no matter what the conditions. Here are some tips based on places that you might travel on the West Coast:

Can You Have Healthy Skin in Las Vegas, Nevada?

If you live in Sin City, there’s a one in five chance that you smoke, which is disastrous for your complexion! If you’re indulging in cigarettes, make an effort to stop. This alone can delay the aging process and pave the way toward healthy skin. Las Vegas is also a city with a high elevation. This allows the desert sun to cause dryness even in those with smooth complexions. This dryness can exacerbate wrinkles and lead to dandruff, eczema and psoriasis, all of which can make you itchy and uncomfortable. Good moisturizers and regular check-ins with a dermatologist to watch out for signs of skin cancer are musts for living in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

You Can Also Enjoy Healthy Skin in Los Angeles, California

The City of Angels is anything but heavenly for skin health. With the highest number of high-ozone days in the nation, high amounts of pollutants and a low ratio of dermatologists to resident, anyone living in or visiting L.A. needs to be vigilant about her/his skin care regimen. Applying a good sunscreen is half the battle. High UV indices can boost your chances of developing deadly melanomas. Also, check in with a good skin-care specialist to find out what steps you should be taking each day to preserve your skin’s health.

Good Bets for Healthy Skin

While you’re not going to up and move simply for the benefit of your skin health, some are fortunate enough to live in areas that are known for being good for the complexion. Even if you live in or plan to travel to one of these cities, though, don’t forget about taking care of your skin. Maladies caused by a lack of good skin care can affect anyone, anywhere! Still, some cities are good for your skin’s appearance. These include pollution-free and overcast Portland, Oregon; dermatologist- and sunscreen-friendly San Francisco, California; and health-conscious Seattle, Washington.

No matter where you live, good habits are vital if you want to have healthy, beautiful skin. Contact the professionals at Nefertari to find out more about what you can do to improve your skin health.

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