What is Sensitive Skin?

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Do you have Sensitive Skin?

A lot of people self-diagnose as having sensitive skin without knowing what it truly means. So who really has sensitive skin? While there is no official definition, a patient should not diagnose themselves as such unless they have ever suffered from eczema, rosacea, or another clinical skin condition by a dermatologist. For those who are now questioning their self-diagnosis, consider the times you break out- testing a new product, changing diet, and lacking sleep are all common causes of break outs for any type of skin. For those who have suffered from a skin condition at any stage of life, read on to hear a sensitive skin patient’s experience:

“While I was growing up, my mom always told me I had sensitive skin. She said when I was a baby I would break out in eczema patches which, according to her, were caused by having naturally dry skin and inheriting my dad’s allergies. Most of my life I haven’t had to think about my eczema, but that changed in my late teens and early twenties. After surviving puberty, my main focus was on clearing up my cystic acne. Once my skin cleared up, I started to want to experiment with makeup and started to watch all these instructional YouTube beauty videos. I inevitably went out and bought the drugstore products they were recommending, and had much different results than were advertised. After testing out one of the top selling drugstore mascaras, I broke out in dry, itchy eczema patches on the most tender part of my face- around my eyes. Over time I had similar experiences with some of the top selling eye creams, moisturizers, foundations, eyeliners, and spot treatments. It took me a while to realize it, but eventually I grew to understand that the health of my skin is far more valuable than saving money on makeup and skincare. After dropping small amounts of money on tons of different products that deteriorated my skin, I realized trying to find products based on packaging and bloggers was pointless. I found Nefertari.com and recognized the passion for skincare immediately after my consultation. Houria genuinely cared about the effectiveness of my skincare products, not about selling things to me. She sent me samples and then spent about an hour on the phone giving me explicit instructions on how to get the most out of each product. I got on a routine of using the Sothys Morning Cleanser to wash my face and, to be honest, fell in love with the smell before I even saw results. Later I added in the Sothys Comfort Lotion to tone after cleansing, and finished with the Soothing Melting Fluid to moisturize. The first thing I noticed, other than the wonderful smell of every product, was the change in the texture of my skin. It’s now more even to the touch and it’s easier to apply makeup. The biggest change I saw was the day after using the Sothys Desquacrem, which is like giving yourself a spa-quality exfoliating treatment. The better my skin gets, the more I love it, and the more I love it, the more I want to care for it. If you’re looking to take charge of your skincare routine, I cannot recommend Nefertari.com enough!”
Lauren R.  San Francisco, CA

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We are so excited to have improved this client’s skin, and we can’t wait to help you with yours! However, please note that not all products that work for her sensitive skin will work for YOUR sensitive skin. That’s why it’s so important for us to hear your skin story and recommend products based on your specific needs.

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Prevent Skin Aging: Gentle Solutions for Mature Skin

Prevent Skin Aging

Prevent Skin Aging

Many place their focus on finding the best anti-aging treatments, but what about preventing visible aging before it even happens? A person’s skincare habits predicts whether they’ll be able to enjoy healthy, youthful-looking skin as they get older, or end up looking aged before their years. There are many ways the skin ages and many ways to reverse and prevent that aging. Read on to learn how to effectively care for maturing skin.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Almost all talks of aging have some focus on the fine lines and wrinkles that commonly develop. Wrinkles and lines can be unsightly, clearly demonstrate age, and are to be avoided like the plague. There are thousands of wrinkle creams on the market. Some creams and treatments work and some don’t even offer the slightest benefit, but how can fine lines and wrinkles be prevented?

The real underlying cause of wrinkles and lines is a lack of moisture. Maturing skin must have the proper amount of moisture applied during the skincare regime. A focus on keeping the body’s skin well moisturized is a powerful way to prevent skin aging. This means not only using products that supply what the skin needs, but also drinking plenty of water. 

Turkey Neck

Ah, the every-dreaded turkey neck! It is infamous and the subject of many nightmares. Having a turkey neck is also a clear sign of aging. The thing about developing a turkey neck is that it’s not about what cleansers are used or if sun damage is prevented. This is one sign of aging many find hard to avoid. 

Using quality products that work to firm and tighten skin can prove to be very helpful in combatting turkey neck. The key is to start with these anti-aging creams and solutions before the problem begins to show.  Facial yoga is another method to prevent turkey neck, but it proves most effective when combined with a smart skincare routine. As mentioned on Oprah Getting Rid Turkey Neck.

Spotted Hands

Some focus only on facial skin when considering the problem of aging. However, much of age can be seen in the hands. Taking good care of the maturing skin on the hands is a great way to preserve youth, but it’s not always so easy. 

Many people have hands that work very hard. Their skin gets exposed to many different chemicals, whether it’s as they clean the house or work on the job. Another problem is using proper hygiene when using public restrooms. The soaps and drying methods provided simply aren’t meant to protect skin from aging. 

When working with any type of chemical, it’s vitally important to wear gloves. Those who find they frequently must use public restrooms would do well to carry their own hand soap and lotion. In addition, caring for the hands should be a part of the skincare regime. It means applying anti-aging cleaners, creams, and lotions to the hands.

For more information on how to preventing aging through skincare for mature skin, consider having a Nefertari skincare consultation.