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Sothys Makeup

Sothys Makeup Look for Autumn Winter Season!

The new Sothys makeup range was designed to provide make-up essentials. At this time of  a year, seasonal collection complement these essentials with trendy, limited-edition of products of the moment such as nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, mascara and others in an array of stylish colors.

In a spirit of fashion and timelessness comes a limited edition make-up collection inspired by Sothys Paris available at via Sothys USA.

We recommend before applying makeup to care for your skin. If you do not know what’s you skin type or where to start, contact us here .

Makeup: Does Having Beautiful Skin Mean Going Without It?


Makeup and Having Beautiful Skin

While there are those who dare never to go a single day without wearing makeup, there are also those who refuse to wear anything more than lip gloss simply because they’re worried about what it will do to their skin. They probably have heard some horrible things about the stuff, like that it causes cancer, premature aging, and breakouts.

There are also women devoted to wearing makeup that have really bad skin. The reason they won’t be seen without their makeup is not because they’re fashionistas, but because they’re embarrassed about how bad their skin is. They would like to do something about it but worry they might have to go makeup free, which might allow their skin to heal and clear up, but also reveals to others how bad their skin really is.

Does it have to be avoided in order to have beautiful skin? Read on to find out.

When Makeup Causes Big Problems

Many might claim that makeup isn’t a problem, but the issues some have experienced from wearing makeup shouldn’t be ignored. Some brands of makeup really does cause skin problems that undermines the desire to have naturally beautiful skin. It’s true that makeup has caused some very serious issues, such as irritation, breakouts but that doesn’t mean it has to be avoided altogether.

Why Wearing Makeup Doesn’t Have to Be a Problem

Probably you’ve seen the term “non-comedogenic” on makeup and beauty product labels. This is a quality that’s really important for makeup to have because it means that it won’t clog pores. Things like acne and irritation from makeup is often caused by bacteria. Learning how to keep your makeup from becoming contaminated can allow this problem to be avoided.

Still, it’s important to know what type of makeup is good for your particular skin, as there is no such thing as one product for all when it comes to skin care. Your hygiene habits also has a big impact on what your experience with wearing makeup will be like. It’s not a good idea to apply makeup but not take care of your skin.

Trial and Error Can Put Your Skin at Risk

Again, you must know what works for your skin and what doesn’t. It’s okay to try out different products, but if you don’t understand your skin, you could pick the one that irritates your skin and causes breakouts. For the best outcome, it’s best to have an expert help you find the products that are not only safe for your skin, but may even help to improve it. For having beautiful skin as well as the freedom to wear makeup, consider getting a Nefertari skincare consultation.

How to Achieve the Natural Look with Your Makeup


Natural Look With Makeup

Natural Look Makeup has become a popular way to take your face from uneven and choppy to smooth and beautiful. Now, what if you could do this without having to actually use as many makeup products? The best thing about the products at is that you can achieve that perfect and beautiful look without having to put a ton of unnecessary makeup on your face.

We, as ladies, know how many different products there are out there for makeup from foundation to powders and concealers. Thick and heavy products can be harmful to your skin because of the chemicals in it. It will also clog your pores and create acne in some cases if it is not removed correctly and left on your skin. If you want the benefits of using light makeup that will achieve desired results for you then you have come to the right place.

Skin Care Makeup

Skin care and the use of light makeup products are essentially the way to help achieve the natural look. You no longer have to wear that thick and heavy makeup that you normally buy from the store. Our Sothys products are light and airy. They allow your skin to breathe while also giving you that perfect natural look.

Knowing what makeup will work best on your face is the start. The best part about our makeup line is that it is light and airy. You will not have to worry about our products clogging your pores and causing harmful effects. Our formulas make the makeup light on the skin and easy on it as well. You can use our loose powder to help you smooth out your skin and help it to look radiant throughout the evening.

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What’s Your Perfect Foundation?

Perfect Foundation

Did you find your perfect foundation?

Finding the perfect foundation is a challenge. For most women, makeup is a necessary evil. For most men, makeup is nothing but evil! Finding the right balance between natural makeup and “too much” makeup is easier than you think. The secret to this balance is in your foundation; it can wash you out, turn you orange or make you glow, depending on what kind you use.

Choosing the right foundation is right here at your fingertips. Let’s discuss our top three Sothys foundations that make ladies glow from head to toe:

Oxyliance Foundation

– Engineered to make your skin flawless, Oxyliance is a matt, luminous and radiant foundation that is perfect for day-to-day wear. This perfect foundation is oxygenating and revitalizing for all skin types, and is the perfect choice for women who prefer to look au natural with their makeup, and it lasts all day long. Covers well and easy to apply.

Lift Defense Foundation

– The Lift Defense Foundation gives your complexion a satiny finish while applying anti-aging benefits at the same time. The texture is luxurious and contains a double firming effect of plus 19%, and it changes from a cream to a silk when applying. This foundation has proven results with immediate firming, while being soothing and protective. Women will love the glow-effect that they will see when using the Lift Defense perfect Foundation.

Hydroptimale THI3 Foundation

– Looking for a movie star complexion? You just found it! The Hydroptimale Foundation by Sothys is a light and creamy perfect foundation with a foaming texture. It gives skin an even finish with its innovative formula and perfected hydration technology. The lightweight formula will make your skin appear natural and dewy.

Overall, women need to take care of their skin, and then worry about makeup. Sothys offers a range of the best skin care products that will be the cherry on top when it comes to perfecting your complexion and boosting your confidence.

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The Horrible Effects Harsh Makeup Trends

Effects of the New Harsh Makeup Trends

The trend in makeup these days is over the top and more is better, while tossing skin care to the wind.  Celebrities that you see on TV attending awards shows and events are dressed in over the top garb and garish makeup.  Heavy eyeshadow and eyeliner with fake eyelashes are the normal in Hollywood land. Avoid this trend by going with natural looking skin care and makeup.  Our line of skincare and makeup will meet your needs and keep your look all natural and gorgeous. Sothys offer an entire line of foundations, eye care, powders, mascaras, eye liners, blushes and more for what you are looking for in a makeup line.

Our Beauty Garden line is a line of organic skin care to remove your makeup easily and without harsh chemicals that can strip your skin of vitamins and nutrients that keep it looking younger. Beauty Garden is a complete line of organic face care that includes cleanser, lotion, scrub, body oil, and makeup remover. Your face needs a break after wearing pore clogging makeup all day and doesn’t need your skin to be stripped of all of its moisture.

Sothys products also offer a full line of eye care products from the Secret de Sothys line. The eye area is one of the most sensitive areas of your body and requires a lot of attention.  If your eyes lose moisture, wrinkles will begin appearing around your eyes.  By replenishing the moisture around your eyes and treating them, then your skin will continue to appear younger and healthier.  Preparing the skin around your eyes before putting on eye makeup will also assist in this endeavor. Avoiding glue for false eyelashes and harsh makeup removers from around the eye area will also work wonders for keeping your eye area looking younger and not stripping it of its natural moisture and elasticity.  Sothys Products skin care is the skin care line you have been looking for.

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