Top 10 Camping Beauty Tips for Summer Trips

Camping beauty tips are very much about learning how to take an effective skin care routine that you always follow and make it easy for you to stick with it even when modern conveniences are nowhere to be found. Nefertari is all about advocating honoring the beauty that you naturally are and we’d like to teach you that this same beauty can be protected, even enhanced, as you get a little closer to nature this summer.

Although some people love camping in the midst of the snow, the hot weather is a signal to many that it’s time to take a trip. Often that means grabbing the tent, the sleeping bags, and the cooler and heading to a great state park to set up camp. Have a lot of fun, but be serious when it comes to your skin care.

Be Sure to Keep the Following Camping Beauty Tips in Mind:


1. Remember to Pack Your Beauty Essentials

Following just about all of the other camping beauty tips becomes near impossible unless you follow this first one. its vital that you bring all of your beauty essentials along. This would include not only what you use to wash your face, but also moisturizer, toner, sunblock, and even special treatments like eye cream, face masks, skin serum, and the like. Most campgrounds have bathing facilities and even if you’re doing primitive camping there’ll still be a way for you to care for your skin. Being in nature is no excuse for letting your beauty go to the wolves, or throwing your skin care routine to the breeze.

2. Take Advantage of Travel Skin Care Kits

Some get a bit disheartened when they read that first tip. When they seek out camping beauty tips, they’re looking for a way to travel light and efficiently. They don’t think that’s something packing all their beauty essentials will let them do, but that’s the beauty of travel skin care kits. Travel kits for skin care are great for camping, hiking, and going on adventures in the wild. However, be sure to pick a nice one that is, one that comes complete with just about everything you’ll need in order to properly take care of your skin while on this summer’s camping trip.

3. Be Smart About Bug Repellant

Many consider bug repellent to be an essential piece of camping equipment. its quite understandable. It can also be a very important item when it comes to not only the beauty of your skin, but the health of your body because bug bites are one way that diseases and parasites are spread. The last thing you want is to come away from your trip having Lyme disease, yellow fever, and a belly full of parasites. However, you also don’t want to pump your skin full of harmful toxins, which is exactly what many bug repellant call for you to do. Try natural bug repellant instead, especially when applying it directly to your skin. No matter what type of bug repellant you choose, be sure to wash it off intermittently in order to protect your skin from toxins and damage.

4. Remember the Importance of Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays has to be one of the most common camping beauty tips given out. Sun protection is actually something very important to do year round, whether indoors and out. If you’re serious about your health and beauty, then you should already have a strong habit of applying SPF lotion. If you’re not in the habit of it, this year’s summer camping trip is a great time to start. Of course, right now is an even better time to start.

5. Let Nature Give You a Beauty Boost

There are many health benefits to being nature. there’s nothing like the beauty of nature to help a person overcome stress. Camping among the trees gives your body to take in more fresh, pure air and a high level of oxygen. That oxygen can have a very beneficial effect on the health of your skin, so take some time to relax and breathe deeply. Camping is a great time and place to spend time practicing medication and breathing exercises. This is one of the camping beauty tips that not only benefits your body, but also your mind.

6. Observe Proper Swimmers Skin Care Guidelines

Going camping at the lake? Does the campground have a swimming pool that you plan on enjoying? Before going for a swim, whether in fresh water, pool water, or even chlorinated water, be sure to become familiar with what swimmer’s skin care is all about. This might be one of the camping beauty tips that not everyone can use, but it’s a very vital one for those who plan on swimming, even if for just one session.

7. Plan Ahead for Personal Hygiene

its not a good idea to assume all your personal hygiene need is going to be covered. Your skin care and hygiene is so important that it’s better to have a backup plan and another plan to back up your backup plan than to assume, encounter problems, and allow your beauty to suffer for it. This means pack cleansing wipes and even a spray bottle of water if you have to. There may be showers, there may be a lake, but where your skin is at stake, don’t take chances.

8 .Make Sure Your Get Enough Sleep

it’s odd how so many people go on a trip thinking it will relax them but they end up coming home exhausted and sleep deprived. Even when on your trip, be sure to get plenty of sleep, even if there’s tons of adventures to be had and you don’t feel tired. Your skin can get tired and you may not even feel it, but if you don’t get enough sleep you’ll surely see the results of that later on. Many people won’t find this to be a problem because the fresh air and the beautiful night sky makes it easy for them to fall asleep when camping.

9. Stay Moisturized In and Out

Hydration and moisture remain the cornerstone of proper skin care for all skin types. This is also one of the most essential and important camping beauty tips that can be given. Be sure to drink enough water. If you’re having to pack your own water, then make sure to take more than enough. As well, don’t forget to apply moisture to your skin. Depending on the type of moisturizer or lotion you use, you may have to re-apply several times throughout the day. that’s why it’s good to buy products that are high quality.

10. Let Your Skin Enjoy the Vacation

Summer camping trips are a great way for people to get away from the droll of every day life. it’s smart not to quit on your skin care routine during this time, but do give your skin a break from makeup. Instead, let your pores enjoy that fresh air. If you must apply something, limit it to a bit of lip gloss and, if you must, mascara. you’ll return home feeling and looking even more vibrant.

Skin Care for Swimmers: Preventing Dry Skin and Rash

skin-care-for-swimmersSkin care for swimmers isn’t just something watersports athletes need to pay attention to. Anyone who swims, whether it’s habitually, occasionally, or any frequency in between, should take the time to understand what their time in the water is doing to their skin. It’s just another important aspect of summer skin care. 

The chemicals in pools are very useful in helping to keep the amount of swimming pool bacteria under control, but the skin reaction to chlorine, a very commonly used swimming pool chemical, doesn’t exactly leave swimmers with healthy skin. In fact, it’s very odd indeed that so many worry about getting swimmer’s hair and try to protect their hair against the side effects of chlorine but pay hardly any attention to the effects of swimming pool chlorine on skin. Most never even stop to ask is chlorine bad for skin. 

Beach goers aren’t exempt from the concerns of skin care for swimmers. The water in oceans, rivers, and lakes may not be the same as chlorinated pool water, but that doesn’t make these popular swimming spots an effective escape from the effects of chlorine in pool water.  Natural bodies of water can still be loaded with chemicals that impact skin health. 

It should also be noted that using chlorine-free pool chemicals, swimming in a swimming pool without chemicals, doing a salt water pool conversion, or even switching to a fresh water pool is simply not effective swimming skin care. Those who want to reap the benefits of wisely incorporating effective skin care for swimmers into their summer skin care routine should keep reading.

Understanding the Skin Reaction to Chlorine in Swimming Pools

Chlorine is the main ingredient in bleach. On every bottle of bleach is a warning label that warns against having the skin exposed to this chemical. Thanks to chlorine, bleach irritates skin, but the chemical is also very powerful in killing germs and keeping them under control. The germ-fighting properties of chlorine makes it the popular pick for treating swimming pool water, but the skin reaction to chlorine is one of the things that makes skin care for swimmers such an important focus. 

Chlorine is bad for skin and the rest of the body. Direct exposure to skin can cause chemical burns and the chlorine effects on hair are utterly disastrous, causing hair to become weak, brittle, and break. 

When there’s an obvious chlorine burn on the skin, or one experiences hair loss after swimming, they deal with the problem and then take preventative measure to ensure they won’t encounter another issue with chlorine. However, the effects of chlorine on skin when it is used as a swimming pool chemical isn’t always so detectible. 

Swimmers who are chlorine sensitive will notice problems immediately, experiencing a rash and itching. Yet many swimmers who suffer from dry skin don’t even realize that they’re getting their dry skin from swimming pool water.  Much like sun damage, skin problems from chlorinated water develop deceptively slow and gradually. 

It’s a proven, but little-known fact that premature aging happens to be one of the notorious and unwanted effects of chlorine in pool water. The skin reaction to chlorine comes, in part, from the way this chemical strips away the skin’s natural oils, causing it to become dry and also causing the development of fine lines and wrinkles, which is a common sign of aging. 

Perhaps now you’re beginning to understand why skin care for swimmers is so vital. When summertime comes, many become eager to get into the pool. The skin problems that can come from being in chlorinated pool water doesn’t mean that you have to skip swimming, but it does mean that swimming and skin care must go hand-in-hand. 

In fact, getting away from the issue isn’t as easy as avoiding the pool, as even tap water is chlorinated. Many people handle cleaning products that contain chlorine. Any skin exposure to chlorine will result in the above mentioned problems if the proper precautions and care aren’t taken. However, the issue it especially important to swimmers because they’re submerging their entire bodies into chlorinated pool water. The level of chlorine in pool water is usually much higher than in tap. 

This is one of the reasons to make sure you only swim in a pool that is maintenance by someone you’re sure knows how to treat a pool with chemicals appropriately. If you get into a pool that’s been maintenance by someone that doesn’t know how to treat pool water, then you’ll be putting your skin and overall health at high risk. Getting pool water just right is a science that’s best left up to the professionals. 

salt water on skin

Is Saltwater Good for Skin?

Many beach-goers concentrate the focus of their summer skin care on tanning and UV ray protection. For quite a number of them, rarely do concerns over the specifics of skin care for swimmers cross their minds, although they may spend quite a bit of time in the water. Part of the problem is that they think the natural bodies of water are safer for their skin than swimming pools. The other part is that it just doesn’t dawn on them. 

Then there are those who always prefer swimming at the beach to swimming in a pool because they’ve heard that salt water on skin is very good. They hear of skin care professionals using sea salt on skin during spa treatments and assume that ocean swimming is safe as far as swimming skin care is concerned. 

It’s true that swimming in seawater offers many important health benefits. It helps to relieve stress, reduces inflammation, and can even help skin retain its moisture thanks to the amount of magnesium that’s in the water. In fact, swimming in the sea gives the body access to all the many rich, health-boosting vitamins and minerals the ocean contains, but it can also cause acne, eczema flare-ups, and other skin problems. 

There is no one set answer for those who ask is swimming in salt water good for you. The effects of salt water on skin can vary for each individual. When it comes to salt water swimming and skin care, there are both pros and cons. It’s best to just use a swimming skin care routine that allows you to avoid the disadvantages and reap all the benefits. 

Enjoying Summer Swimming and Beautiful Skin

You may not be able to control the swimming pool chemicals or the chemicals in seawater, but you can integrate some smart strategies for swimming skin care into your summer skin care routine and protect your skin. There things all swimmers should do to take care of their skin, whether they’re swimming in a swimming pool or diving into the salty ocean water. 

Internal and external proper hydration is the highest priority. Be sure to drink water before you go swimming, at intervals during extended swimming sessions, and after you’re done for the day. The same thing goes with moisture. Be sure to moisturize both before and after you swim. Of course, everybody’s skin reacts differently to the water they swim in. These are just a few rules of thumb that all swimmers should abide by. A Nefertari skin care consultation can provide you with a more customized plan for skincare for swimmers. 

Your Essential Guide to Summer Skin Care for 2014

Summer Skin Care

The winter snow and cold weather has finally faded away, but now arises new concerns, which at Nefertari means a focus on summer skin care. Most people already understand the basics, i.e. the importance of applying SPF for skin cancer prevention, whether or not they’re devout about it. However, there’s a lot more to making sure your skin stays gorgeous when the blaring UV rays increase on the face of the Earth.

Is This Year’s Harsh Winter an Indicator of the Summer Weather to Come?

Many experts are saying yes. The major change in weather winter patterns witnessed in the U.S this year has some predicting that the summer of 2014 is destined to be one to remember.

Each country has its own UV index and this can be used to predict how long a person can be outside without skin protection before sun burn and other damage begins to set in. However, this shouldn’t be taken as an excuse to risk it. Always take the necessary steps to protect your skin from the sun.

According to Oklahoma State University, the UV index and skin damage relationship is as follows:

summer skin care

It’s very important to remember that your skin needs sun protection even when you’re indoors. Visible sunlight isn’t an indicator of the UV rays that are around you. The fact is that UV rays can even affect those who spend the majority of their time inside a building. There are two different types of UV rays – UVA and UVB. Although UVB rays are the ones most commonly responsible for skin cancer, UVA rays can also cause skin cancer, and unlike UVB, UVA can go through windows and speed up skin aging.

It’s true that ultraviolet rays are present on the Earth year round, even in winter, but with summer comes more radiation. The summertime risks for skin damage are compounded by the fact that people tend to expose larger areas of their skin when the weather’s hot, wearing shorts, sandals, tank tops, swimwear, shorter hair styles, tops that are off the shoulder, backless, or strapless. It puts them at an even greater risk for skin cancer, age spots, wrinkles, fine lines, discolorations and all the other effects of sun on skin.

This issue is of such great importance and affects such a wide portion of the population, actually just about all of mankind, that even the computer company Apple is releasing a new wearable technology to help people monitor their exposure to UV rays. The new Apple iWatch happens to be the brand’s first wearable tech device and it will alert people when to reapply sunblock, as well as performing vital medical functions, such as monitoring their blood oxygen and possibly glucose levels. Unfortunately, experts project that the Apple iWatch release date won’t be until September of 2014. Which means people will just have to wing it for this summer.

How to Have a Summer Skin Care Routine that Works

With or without fancy techy gadgets, it’s vital to your youthfulness, vitality, and overall health that you know specifically how to take care of your skin in the summertime. Applying SPF is only the basics, and you have to be diligent about it. Not only does sunblock need to be applied more often than one time a day, but it also needs to be applied even to skin that’s covered in clothing. This means a full body treatment a few times a day. What a great way to reduce stress!

At Nefertari, we’re proud to announce that Sothys, one of the skincare brands we trust the most, has addressed the needs of those who’re concerned about caring for their skin in the summer. They’re released a new line of skin care products made specifically for summer skin care. Using their new product line brings you an instant and effective skin care routine.

Here’s What’s Included in the New Line of Skin Care Products:

Sothys Protective Lotion Face Body SPF 30

No longer is it necessary to tote around two different bottles of SPF lotion; one for your face, and the other for your body. Now Sothys has rolled both of these products into one. This brand new SPF 30 protective lotion from Sothys pampers and moisturizes your skin, keeping it safe from harmful UV rays without being greasy.

Sothys After Sun Body Lotion

Did you know that it’s also important to care for your skin, not only before and during the time that it’s exposed to the sun, but also after as well? After a long day of summer fun, or work, give your skin the care it needs with this excellent new after-sun lotion from Sothys. It has a wonderfully delicate aroma and it provides your skin with the nourishment it needs.

Sothys After Sun Anti-Aging Treatment

Those who’re ever busy and always find themselves having to multitask can have a real appreciation for this wonderful skin treatment from Sothys. Not only does it help nourish the skin after sun exposure, but it’s also an anti-aging treatment. Moreover, this treatment can be used as both a mask and a night cream. It brings the skin immediate comfort and is a great way to relax at the end of the day.

Sothys Face Body Self-Tanning Gel

Those who want the glowing appearance of being delicately kissed by the sun without having to actually risk overexposure to the sun through sunbathing, or risk the negative side effects of tanning beds, can find this great self-tanning gel by Sothys to be just what they’ve been waiting for. It can be applied to the face as well as the body and it creates a wonderful, natural-looking tan.

The Sothys brand has done a lovely job in covering summer skin care through their new line of products, but this line doesn’t cover the important essentials that are vital all year round, such as proper cleansing and exfoliating.

The truth is that each skin type and every person has different needs when it comes to proper skin care. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you have a Nefertari Skin Care Consultation. It can help identify and address the specific needs of your particular skin, creating a skincare regime that fits right in with your personality and lifestyle.

Take good care of your skin and you’ll remain gorgeous through a lifetime of summers.

Quality Sun Care Products For a Glowing Skin


Quality sun care products

It is important to use quality sun care products! Everyone wants to have a flawless skin and to take good care of your skin or it can get damaged. Most of the people do not pay attention towards their skin due to which it becomes dry and rough. Proper care ensures that the skin is smooth and brings a nice glow on your face. Regular cleaning as well as moisturizing is very important for the skin as it deep cleans your face and keeps it fresh. Cleaning your skin is very simple, so if you want to get a glowing skin, do follow the below tips that are definitely good for you.

Cleansing – It is the basic skin care tip to wash your face with a good face wash at least twice a day. There are lots of soap as well as natural cleansers available in the market but it will be good that you depend on the products of sothys. Its cleanser is really effective in cleaning the skin from within and making sure that it removes the dark spots and other skin problems. Devote at least 10 minutes to massage your face gently so that the cleanser can reach within the layers and clean the skin perfectly.

Moisturizing – Once you have washed your face with a good cleaner, it is time to moisturize it. The moisturizer helps in giving a smooth look to your skin and keeps it moist. In order to get the best results, purchase the excellent range of products from sothys which are really nice and effective to a great extent. It helps in recovering the damaged skin and brings back the original beauty of your face. 

Exfoliating – Damaged cells are a big problem that most of us face. The basic purpose of exfoliating is to overcome the dead cells by opening the pores of your skin and making sure that new cells result in a soft skin.

With the help of the above three steps, you will surely be able to nourish your skin and get a good effect. Apart from following these steps you should avoid coming in contact with sun or use quality sun care products to fight with such problems. The rays of the sun are very harmful for the skin due to which it loses its shine and finally becomes dull. For more suggestions, you can visit a skin specialist who can provide excellent solutions keeping in mind your skin and its problems.

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Sothys After Vacation Sun care

Sothys After Sun

Sothys After Sun Care at

When people go on vacation, they are most likely sitting on the beach directly in the sun for hours at a time, or even just outside exploring different cities and other areas. The problem with that includes a lot of skin damage, which can potentially lead to skin cancer. Your body does need a little sun to supply your skin with Vitamin D, but the harmful rays that our environment provides create dry skin and loss of moisture.  With Nefertari sun skin care products created for those who stay out in the sun, these items are designed to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. One product in particular, the Sothys soothing after- sun body care moisturizer is packed with nutrients to help your sun revive itself from the hours of sun exposure.

Sothys soothing after-sun body care is designed to help your skin repair itself from the inside out. People do not know about the damage that is caused internally when the sun damages your skin cells. Your skin is not able to regenerate itself regularly as if it would when it was healthy. This causes your skin to look dull and old. You can actually go to a dermatologist and get a photo taken of yourself to show you the damaged parts of your skin. Your photo will be a dark image, and on there will be specks of sun damage throughout your skin. Nefertari soothing after-sun body care moisturizer, however, can reverse the sun damage that you may see on these pictures.

Radiance is very important when it involves your face. That is a signal indicating healthy skin and good dietary habits. Nefertari soothing after-sun body care has ingredients that target your skin cells to improve the look of your skin. These ingredients also help block out harmful toxins that are harmful to the skin. Each day you are surrounded by harmful rays and pollution in the environment that keeps the skin from looking healthy. You must also be mindful of the contents that you consume as well because that plays a big role in your overall look and health. Sothys soothing after-sun body are moisturizer also protects the skin from free radicals, which is very important when you want to have radiant skin.

As you are back from vacation, you want to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Moisture keeps your skin from cracking and becoming wrinkle. Nefertari products also keep the skin moisturized with its light liquids. You do not want to walk around with flaky skin on your face because that is not attractive. You want your skin cells to keep reproducing itself to provide a healthy glow.

After your vacation is finally over, you still want to continue using Sothys soothing after-sun body care. Even though you will not be in the sun as much when you are running your daily errands, it is still helpful to keep your skin looking healthy and full of life. You will thank yourself later when you see less wrinkles on your face and body.

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