Best Father’s Day Gifts: Give Dad Skincare

Best Father's Day Gifts

Best Father’s Day Gifts

Those who really care about the dads in their lives are already searching for the best possible Father’s Day gift that would make 2014 extra special. Some of the ideas recommended around the web include things like foods, cards, tech, and stuff from the Sharper Image, but skin care products stand out as unique gift ideas he’s sure to enjoy. 

For some people, the last thing they would think to give the man in their lives for Father’s Day is skin care, but there are a lot of reasons why it makes an excellent gift for any dad. Read on to find out why you should give him the gift of handsome skin this Father’s Day. 

1. Giving Skincare Gifts Shows Love

With food, the man eats it and then the present is gone. With a tie, he might not even like it, or he might have a big collection of them already. It just doesn’t stand out as an impressive gift. 

But skincare products are a gift that continue to give because he’ll enjoy using them and he’ll get to see the beneficial results in his own skin. After all, men like to look good too, not just women. 

Having smoother, clearer, skin that is more handsome can uplift his spirit and make dad feel really good. That’s something that those who love him would want him to feel. That’s why skin care gifts are gifts of love. 

2. The Products are Really Cool

When Father’s Day rolls around, so many people focus on giving their dads the latest tech because they think devices make a cool gift. Skin care is an even cooler gift because it doesn’t break. 

The products we offer at Nefertari, namely Sothys for men are proven to be quality and have the power to invigorate a man’s skin. What more could be asked of the best Father’s Day gifts than that they make a man feel special. 

To really treat him, consider buying him a gift card for a Nefertari Skin Care Consultation so that he’ll not only have the products, but learn how best to use them. 

3. It’s a Very Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea

Giving a dad cologne for Father’s Day is common, so is giving him a grooming set or a new electric razor, but not many people think to give their dads high quality skin care products on Father’s Day. It’s a smart gift that takes men pleasantly by surprise. 

The special kit of skin care products Nefertari has available for men makes for the perfect Father’s Day gift. The products are manly enough to suit men’s style and effective enough to transform their skin. 

From the very first use he’ll know that this has to be one of the best Father’s Day gifts ever. It’ll help melt his stress away while improving the condition of his skin. 

Give Him a Special Gift this Year

Presenting the dad in your life with skin care this year could open up a whole new world of possibility for him. It could be that he’s been struggling with a skin care issue for a long time. This gift just might bring him the solution. 

A gift of Sothys skin care products could inspire him to care for himself on a whole new level. He just may find that these are the type of skin care products he’s been in search of for a long time. This is a gift he’ll surely be pleased with and that’s exactly what makes the best Father’s Day gifts 

Guys – Do You Like Women With Smooth Skin? Well, They Prefer The Same!

Just about any guy prefers a woman to have smooth silk-like skin that not only looks good but feels good as well.  Most women are good about treating their skin with skin care products and as a result women generally tend to have cleaner and more eye pleasing skin than men.  With that being said, a guy with clean and smooth skin that is well taken care of will stick out in a crowd and catch the eye of many women.  It is not only a statement of good hygiene but it shows you can take care of yourself as a guy and gives you an overall more attractive physical appearance.

Most guys however do not know the first thing when it comes to looking at and purchasing skin care products.  Ask a woman on the other hand and she can likely name off every brand of skin care cream, lotion, or other products without hesitation.  There is no need to worry however because here at Nefertari we pride ourselves in providing only the best top quality skin care products for men and women alike.  Guys reading this should definitely check out the “Skin Care For Men” section of our website to get an idea of what skin care products are available to them in order to help achieve that soft and smooth silk-like skin.  We carry a handful of different products which are designed for men, all of which will help the overall appearance and health of your skin.  These products range from after shave creams, scrubs, fluids, eye contour care, acne treatment, and deodorant.

Many people do not realize that their skin is considered the largest organ in their body, because it acts as a protective layer between you and the elements, and it also is able to breathe and perspire to help regulate your bodies overall temperature.  The skin of a person will also reveal a lot regarding the overall health of that person simply by observation, thus it is essential to take the appropriate measures to ensure your skin looks its best and is as healthy as it can be.  While men generally spend much less time on skin care than woman, they also tend to spend more time damaging their skin engaging in outdoor activities, thus they should be the ones most concerned with skin care.  For all the men reading this blog, please take a minute to browse through our collection of skin care products to help you achieve healthier skin, a better physical appearance, and an overall confidence boost from your new healthy and smooth skin.

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