Emily Maynard Skin Care Revealed


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Now you too can have beautiful skin like her!

Have you ever wondered why Emily Maynard is having such beautiful and attractive skin, read the rest of the article to find out, the secrets of having a youthful and glowing skin.

Have at least 7 hours of sleep everyday

While sleeping the damaged tissues in our body will be replaced by new ones. Sleeping is a biological process for the body to repairs and rejuvenate itself. The amount of sleep needed depends from person to person. Doctors advice to take a minimum of 7 hours sleep each day.

Drinking water

Drinking water, gets your skin cells hydrated. Taking a good amount of water not only hydrates the body but flush away toxins from our body. You can also intake green tea in the morning and evening which contains many of antioxidants which will ward off the free radicals.


Fresh fruits like berries and green leafy vegetables and nuts contain many vitamins and minerals. Some of the vitamins aid in rejuvenation of skin cells. It is not advisable to go on a strict diet, as many vitamins and minerals are regularly needed by our body like vitamin A, B and C and scarcity of those vitamins in the blood would led to fatigue and affect the skins health. A balanced diet with less fat is good for your body and skin. Essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 present in fish liver oil,oily fish,and shellfish are excellent in keeping the skin clear and healthy. Avoid deep fried foods, processed foods as well as foods which have high sugar content. Healthy foods contain antioxidants which protect our skin from sun and external damage. Antioxidants helps to increase the lifespan of skin cells and prevents wrinkles. The better your immune system the healthier your skin would be.


Avoid sun exposure during noon(10am to 4pm) when the chances of getting exposed to ultra violet rays are high. You should use sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage if you are going outdoors.

Avoid smoking

Its been scientifically proven that smoking accelerates the aging of the skin. Active smokers will have abnormal blood flow by which the blood wont be able to nourish the skin cells, with vitamins and essential minerals. Your Skin then gradually looses its firmness and elasticity and looks dull.

Taking exercise and avoiding alcohol

Take regular exercise keeps you healthy, breathing exercise helps you to relieve tension(which is the major cause of stiffing of facial muscle) and help your body relax which plays an essential role in relaxation of muscle fibers. Choose the exercise that fits you. Alcohol causes a lot of problems in our blood circulation system,it affects our appetite too. Avoid excessive drinking.

Only use skin care products suitable for your skin

Some skin care products are developed for particular skin types and these skin care products contain different ingredients.
The skin care product for the dry skin wont work for the oily skin. Using a wrong product for a particular skin type causes more reaction to your skin than anything.
Emily Maynard replying a question on how she keeps her skin so healthy and beautiful says that: At night I wash my face with an Acne Cleanser, and uses Serum. Contact us to tell you what products is perfect for you!

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