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The Science of Skin

Looking Great In 2017!

Your Best Shot At  Looking Great

New Year resolutions are traditionally one of the mind-body engagements we observe at the beginning of every calendar year. The first few weeks are usually a period marked with lots of hope and expectation for the new year…  so much to look forward to.

For some of us, the New Year presents the perfect opportunity to give our skin care regime a complete revamp. And Nefertari is your best shot at getting premium quality products and advice for skin care.

What Makes Nefertari Skincare Products Exceptional

Nefertari Skincare Products and services help to take the guesswork out of the way. This essentially means that the trial and error approach are no longer necessary. With Nefertari, you are guaranteed unlimited access to the best skin care products that are most suitable for your skin.

More so, our products have been on the market for well over 15 years, and still graciously counting…

We are pragmatic! We offer proven solutions to individuals who, for one reason or the other, are either too busy to visit a beautician or aren’t knowledgeable enough to make an excellent product choice. This is why we provide personalized skin care consultation service to help give you great advice for skin care. We also provide you with the needed support to select from our unique assortment of skin care products.

Our approach is pretty simple and straight forward… It starts with a basic consultation to know your skin type. Wrong skin care information and product choice has been the undoing of many, and has caused them more problems. But if you already care about your skin, I strongly recommend that you get an advanced consultation for specific skin issues.

With our tailored skin care consultation services, you are guaranteed unequaled access to seasoned professional advice that would help to reveal your skin’s natural beauty. Irrespective of your skin type, we strongly believe that you deserve to buy with confidence, and this happens when you know that the products you purchase are the right ones for your skin.

Nefertari Skincare Products: Your Go-To Skin Regimen in 2017

In a nutshell, Nefertari Skincare Products and personalized skin consultation services offer great convenience for all our customers, particularly those who do not have the luxury of time to visit a beautician for personal advice or therapy.

Best of all is that our services are available to customers, worldwide, irrespective of their skin type or needs. Welcome once again to 2017!
Your most beautiful and skin-perfect days are here! Looking Great guarantee!

Hydration by Hyaluronic Acids


Hydration and Hyaluronic Acids – The Secret to Perfect, Flawless Skin

Hydration: Just as our bodies require water to maintain optimum functioning, so do our skin cells that have to take the brunt of all that heat and chemicals and dirt and pollution coming from the environment. Being the natural barrier against these external forces, our skin unfortunately has to wear the battle scars of such defense.

As such we should be able to help our skin in its defensive functions. We need to make sure that every cell in our skin is functioning properly. And one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by drinking lots of clean fresh water to help our skin stay hydrated. And while drinking liters upon liters of water can do our skin good, we can also help it a lot better by using skin care products that are designed primarily for hydrating the cells of the skin. This is where hyaluronic acid products come in.

Just what is hyaluronic acid anyway?

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan that is very important in maintaining the integrity of nervous, epithelial, and connective tissues. Its role in the skin is largely anchored in its ability to stimulate re-epithelialization as well as on its ability to provide an open and hydrated skin infrastructure for the more effective absorption and distribution of nutrients to the different skin cells. Without hyaluronic acid, nourishing the skin will be quite challenging. This is what makes hyaluronic acid truly a miracle skin care substance.

Two of the latest innovations in skin cell hydration from Sothys of Paris are the 1055 Boletus extract and the Hydra 3HA systems.

The 1055 Boletus extract is synthesized from the world famous porcini mushroom, a mainstay in many Italian dishes that call for a strong nutty flavor. The 1055 Boletus extract is rich in Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E and has been shown to be very effective in improving the flow of fluids in the skin’s structure making it looking and feeling supple and refreshed. This hydrodynamic property of the 1055 Boletus extract is largely attributed to its biomimetic phospholipids and H2CR ingredients reactivating and improving the various functions of the cell and provides excellent protection against oxidative stress. The 1055 Boletus extract has been shown to improve the skin’s hydration status by as much as 34 percent within 1 week. Additionally, 4 out of 5 women who have tried 1055 Boletus extract said they looked definitely younger after only a single application.

The Hydra 3HA is Sothys answer to the need to reinvent the hyaluronic acid. Daily applications of the formulation will keep the skin hydrated to produce a suppler, more vibrant-looking, fresher, and generally healthier skin all day long. The 3HA solution includes a hydrating gel cream, an intensive hydrating serum, and a smoothing mask all of which work together to provide unparalleled skin perfection. The overall effect is that the skin definitely looks visibly younger and smoother.

The key to a beautiful, youthful, and flawless skin is hydration. By drinking plenty of fluids and using hyaluronic acid products like 1055 Boletus extract and the Hydra 3HA system, you can be well on your way to a healthier, more vibrant, and perfectly-looking skin.

To learn more about this amazing ingredient click here


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