What Is your Beauty?

There are many different definitions of beauty floating around on the internet, as well as in the offline world. It would seem that almost everyone has an answer to the question, ‘what is beauty?’. Which definition of beauty would you ascribe to?

Inward versus Outward Beauty

A large amount of controversy sometimes erupts when the conversation is one in which the term ‘beauty’ is being assigned a definition. One of the main areas which cause emotions to run high and logical skills to be compared is whether the definition of beauty should include the personality and character of an individual, or be confined to their outward appearance.
While it is easy to assume that the definition of beauty at Nefertari is limited to appearance alone, our position is that those who would leave inner beauty out of the equation are short-sighted. However, that makes the answer to the question ‘what is beauty’ a bit more complex.

Why Defining Beauty is Problematic?

The complexity of defining beauty stems from the fact that people tend to crave a static, one-size-fits-all definition. They want to say that a certain shape of the nose, distance between the eyes, body size, shoe size, hair length, and so on is beautiful, leaving all others out. A boxed up definition can also be made for inner beauty, saying that bookworms, stellar students, undereducated people, and so forth should be left out.
All of this has been the source of a lot of heartbreak and destructive behavior in millions of people. While many want to talk about the problems young girls have with self-image, the fact is any and all type of people, men and women, old and young, and of every race and ethnicity can suffer from such a small-minded definition.
Chanel posted a video on YouTube about the definition of beauty. It’s called ‘what is beauty’ and features a more accurate description: Chanel Or more on here At Nefertari, beauty is about being you. It’s about you feeling comfortable and confident with who you are. Our skin care product and services offered are specially crafted to help you feel and look your best. Inner and outer beauties are intricately linked.
Image: From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

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