Luxury Combination Skin Care

Finding the right products for combination skin care can be a tall order, even if you have a decent amount of knowledge when it comes to skin care in general. It takes a bit more research to locate the best solution to deal with your unique conditions when you have combination skin. If some areas of your face are oily while others tend towards being dry and flaky, you have combination skin and you need specific creams to protect your skin and give you the healthy look you desire. Fortunately, there are plenty of products available that will help you alleviate your problems.

One of the best lines for combination skin is Hydroptimale by Sothys. They fine tune their creams to protect sensitive skin in a wide variety of climates. For example, the Hydroptimale THI3 Comfort Cream works well for drier skin types. For the typical case of combination skin, the Hydroptimale THI3 Light Cream can do wonders for your complexion where other combination skin treatments have failed. Beyond these essential creams for sensitive skin, Hydroptimale boasts a slew of highly-effective products for even the most stubborn and tricky skin conditions.

An additional combination skin care line which offers exceptional value is Hydra Protective, another Skin Care Sothys creation that’s targeted at combination skin. For the best results, use the Morning Cleanser when you first get out of bed. During the day, the Protective Cream is perfect for general skin moisturizing and maintenance.
Hydra Protective also features a superb Normalizing Lotion which smooths out the rough patches of your skin and gives you a uniformly vibrant and beautiful look.
Hydra Protective has many other great products such as Vitality Mask and Vitamin Serum, both of which are must-haves when it comes to keeping your skin healthy and resilient.

The best thing about Skin Care Sothys products for combination skin is their reasonable prices for top-notch quality beauty products. Their offerings for problematic combination skin are varied and comprehensive enough to suite any need. When locating the right skin care solution for you, it’s often a good idea to consult with an expert to get advice on which cream or lotion with work best.
When in doubt, contact the experts at Nefertari for a consultation. Your skin will thank you later when you’ve found the perfect product to manage your temperamental combination skin.

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