Spring Makeup Colors From Sothys Products


During the spring time season, it is best to wear makeup colors that are fun, cheerful and bright. With the newfound sunshine and blossoming flowers, colors such as light pinks, peaches, pastel blues and sea foam green, are all beautiful colors and compliments. Nefertari has some great makeup shades on their website that are perfect for spring!  The makeup you wear on your face for spring, should be all about the luminosity, glow, brilliance, glimmer and vitality of nature and the brightening effects of the sun. Glosses and shimmers for the lips, eyes and cheeks are all the rage for spring and this season is the perfect time to have some fun with your makeup and let loose with your style. The long lasting sheer blush product is perfect to give those wintery cheeks a good pick-me-up and rosy spring hue. The blush provides a velvety feel along with a long-lasting effect that makes a big difference – it is truly long-lasting!  Also great for spring is the radiance lip gloss by Sothys. This lip gloss is not sticky and feels comforting on your lips. Lastly, pay attention to your skin during spring, and remember not to slather on heavy makeup during this part of the year. A light powder is perfect to combat subtle shine and is light enough to wear throughout the day. Nefertari offers a long-lasting loose powder translucide that even absorbs excess oil and sebum.

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Get The Look! Fall and Winter Makeup Trends


As with fashion trends, cosmetics follow a regular cycle depending on the season. In order to look your best during the shorter days of the year, you need makeup that’s customized for cold weather and lower light. That’s where the Sothys Makeup Fall Winter 2011 collection comes in. The warm, iridescent colors in the latest Sothys lineup of skin care products create a timeless look that’s easy on the eyes and flattering for any woman.

Speaking of eyes, Sothys’ Eye Shadows is the perfect way to draw attention to your face in all the right ways. If you’re shooting for a dark and sophisticated effect, Eye Shadows is the ultimate way to project an air of sophistication and mystery. You can use the included Intense Look Eye Pencil to sculpt your lashes to enhance the impact of Eye Shadow’s smoky allure. When the temperature drops, you’ll be glad you have Sothys’ Eye Shadows around to keep you looking glamorous and stylish.

The winter months are the hardest time of the year for many women when it comes to keeping their lips healthy and attractive. Coming in October, Sothys’ Metallic Rose and Metallic Brown Lipsticks will allow women of every type to craft the ultimate look for their lips. Metallic Rose and Brown Lipsticks come in a handy pen form that makes on the fly touch-ups quick and easy. A must-have for those cold winter months, these seasonal makeup accessories are a godsend for women who want to look good and protect their lips at the same time.

Finally, we come to skin care. Fall and Winter skin protection is best achieved by using Sothys’ Anti-Aging Lift Defense Foundation. It’s a comprehensive base that works with any makeup application you can think of. Along with the rest of the Cabaret-inspired Sothys Makeup Fall Winter 2011 collection, it’s both practical and flattering at the same time. The latest additions to Sothys’ family of cosmetics products prove that you can look great and protect your complexion at the same time.

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Makeup For Teenage Girls – a Practical Guide

Taking care of your skin and looking beautiful at the same time is difficult enough as it is. Mix in the hormonal changes of adolescence, and girls in their teens have it harder than anyone. When it comes to teenage skin care and makeup, many girls are unfortunately confused by conflicting advice about how to best look after their complexion. Fortunately, the average teen only has to follow a few simple rules when it comes to intelligent skin care and makeup use.

Start With A Fresh Canvas

Girls in their teens actually have less to worry about than teenage boys. Males in general produce a greater amount of oil from their skin than females. Teenage girls need to cleanse and refresh their faces daily with a good cleanser and weekly with gentle exfoliant. Normal cleansers will probably only clog pores and lead to outbreaks. Pick a cleansing  that’s specifically designed for your skin type, and use it in the morning when you first get up.

Less Is More

The first thing to remember when it comes to makeup is that less is more, all other things being equal. Overusing makeup is not only a bad fashion tip, it’s also a bad skin care tip. The point of makeup is to accentuate natural features and highlight your strong points. Using too much makeup only obscures your most visible assets. Use makeup and mascara sparingly for the best results. Overusing makeup also makes your daily skin cleansing routine that much more lengthy and annoying.

Reset The Clock

At the end of the day, you’ll want to return your skin to the normal, natural state it began the day in. That means removing  any makeup you applied in the morning and throughout the day so that your skin can breath and rejuvenate itself at night while you sleep. A reliable, all-purpose makeup remover and moisturizer can be the most important weapon in your skin health arsenal. Do your research and find a product that works for you in this regard.

Healthy Skin For Life

Using minimal amounts of makeup is a crucial component when it comes to looking great day-to-day and looking after the long-term health of your skin. Many people skimp on the quality of their skin care products and overuse bad skin care solutions to the detriment of their epidermal well-being. If you’re going to be serious about taking care of your complexion, take the time to find makeup and skin care products that work for you and deliver results. In the long run, your skin will thank you. Houria Nefertari is a skin care consultant and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the beauty and skin care industry. For more information on effective skin care for people of all ages, visit Nefertari.com to find out how to keep your skin youthful and radiant. If you have questions about makeup used on Models Mimi & Laura Contact Us Find us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Watch us on YouTube

Paris – Sothys Makeup Collection

This season’s hottest looks mixes glamed-out eyes and bright lips supplemented
with glowing skin. Smokey eyes are perfect for a night out, while lips are bright
with tenderness and innocence.

New smart and stylized make-up look for all women with character. A graphic style
with beautifully structured hair and elegant evening wear: this winter Sothys enhances
your skin with inspired shades.
Mineral powder eyeliner with smoky shades for the eyes, rose red hydra glide lipstick,
a perfect complexion and metallic pearl nails for a feminine, irresistible make-up!

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