The Horrible Effects Harsh Makeup Trends

Effects of the New Harsh Makeup Trends

The trend in makeup these days is over the top and more is better, while tossing skin care to the wind.  Celebrities that you see on TV attending awards shows and events are dressed in over the top garb and garish makeup.  Heavy eyeshadow and eyeliner with fake eyelashes are the normal in Hollywood land. Avoid this trend by going with natural looking skin care and makeup.  Our line of skincare and makeup will meet your needs and keep your look all natural and gorgeous. Sothys offer an entire line of foundations, eye care, powders, mascaras, eye liners, blushes and more for what you are looking for in a makeup line.

Our Beauty Garden line is a line of organic skin care to remove your makeup easily and without harsh chemicals that can strip your skin of vitamins and nutrients that keep it looking younger. Beauty Garden is a complete line of organic face care that includes cleanser, lotion, scrub, body oil, and makeup remover. Your face needs a break after wearing pore clogging makeup all day and doesn’t need your skin to be stripped of all of its moisture.

Sothys products also offer a full line of eye care products from the Secret de Sothys line. The eye area is one of the most sensitive areas of your body and requires a lot of attention.  If your eyes lose moisture, wrinkles will begin appearing around your eyes.  By replenishing the moisture around your eyes and treating them, then your skin will continue to appear younger and healthier.  Preparing the skin around your eyes before putting on eye makeup will also assist in this endeavor. Avoiding glue for false eyelashes and harsh makeup removers from around the eye area will also work wonders for keeping your eye area looking younger and not stripping it of its natural moisture and elasticity.  Sothys Products skin care is the skin care line you have been looking for.

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