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Skin Care Gift Ideas for Holidays Season!

 The malls are crowded and your shopping list is long with special skin care gifts for the special people in your life. The holidays have arrived.  Don’t forget a very special person. Treat yourself to the best skin care products available that will make you feel like you are at the spa in the comfort of your own home.  Engage in the Nefertari’s World of Beauty with a skincare consultation that will rejuvenate you in time for the holidays. The challenges of what to wear to the next holiday party can be a bit overwhelming.  Before you begin tackling your fashion fear, why not relax with your favorite bath product, perhaps a natural cleansing product like Nefertari Clay! This product can be used on the most sensitive skin, guaranteeing to render a pure and gentle experience. Once you have concluded your “spa-like” experience, you will be ready to tackle your challenging fashion selections free of stress.

Just like those charming gifts you purchase for your loved ones, Nefertari products are hand selected by a licensed consultant. There is no product offered in this line full of holiday treats that has not been individually tested to insure its skin success. Your personal skincare consultant will reveal beauty secret solutions are simple and soothing. Most importantly, you will not be alone to figure out your skincare products once you have returned home and the malls have closed. Your happiness for the holiday can begin with soft exfoliated skin that offers a shine so bright, everyone will want to know where you got that glow from. Every woman will want to look her best for the holiday. Not treating yourself to a new skincare solution is like a gift unwrapped. Wrap up your surprising beauty with a Nefertari product today! Your skincare consultant is dedicated to making sure your skin is happy all of the time, not just for the holidays.

Can’t decide what to get? “Gift Certificate” is the answer.

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