Learn What Makes Sothys One of the Top Skin Care Products


What Makes Sothys One of the Top Skin Care Products?

Sothys is a very popular line of skin care products that originated in Paris. The company also operates physical salons in carefully selected locations around the world. For more than 60 years, the company has been winning over the hearts of its loyal customers by delivering on results promised. However, Sothys isn’t the only high quality skin care product brand around and some are quite convinced that the products offered don’t work for them. So, what makes Sothys so great? Read on to find out.

The result of a passion – Sothys as a family business

Sothys did not start out as a producer of skin care products. The company was first a Paris-located beauty institute. It was back in 1946 that Dr. Hotz, who was a medical biologist, created fine products to pamper the skin of his A-list of clients. After 20 years, Sothys Institute was purchased by the Mas family. It was at that point that the then chairman, Bernard Mas, made the strategic decision to make Sothys available to more than just the exclusive list of clients that frequented the Paris location. It’s thanks to the vision of the Mas family that Sothys is now made available to you. Less than a decade after they purchased the business, Sothys had expanded to the U.S. market and continues to grow in popularity even today.

Incredibly high standard for quality in products and services

From the very beginning, back when it was Dr. Hotz formulating the products, Sothys has always stood for an impressive level of quality. The high level clients the company attracted would settle for nothing less. It was not every one that could enter the doors of the Sothys Institute in Paris and receive the skin transforming and beautifying treatments that have helped the company to continually grow. Sothys is a company that sets the bar for quality in skin care products. The high level of quality that helped to build the reputation of the brand is the same that is experienced by customers today. New developments and addition to the Sothys line of products come formulated from a carefully picked group of select scientists whose work stands up to the impeccable quality that backs the Sothys name.

How to get the most out of Sothys

Sothys works. The challenge is in knowing which Sothys products are most suitable for your type of skin. It is vitally important that you buy Sothys products only from a seller that is authorized by the company. This way you are sure to get the authentic, potent Sothys products and can experience them the way they are meant to be. To find out which products from Sothys are right for your skin, consider a Nefertari Skin Care Consultation.  

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