Beauty from head to toe

Beauty from head to toe

There are many different definitions of beauty. Every person seems to have their own definition for it. If you were to ask 100 people about what beauty means to them, you would probably get many different answers.
Some of the responses would be the same. Many of them would not.  Which definition of beauty most closely represents your own?

Beauty of the Spirit versus Beauty of the Body

Some people will argue with others about what beauty means. They will argue with passion and become very emotional about the topic.
Talks over what beauty means become intense. They get very fierce when it is asked whether the definition should be based on look of the body or a person’s heart.
The definition of Beauty from head to toe at Nefertari is limited to the body. It’s true that we focus on the appearance of skin. It is also true that our belief is that inner beauty should not be left out of the formula.

Why Defining Beauty is a Problem

Many people tend to crave a packaged definition of beauty. They want it to be all about looks. Should beauty be defined by a certain shape of the nose, distance between the eyes, body size, shoe size, hair length, and so on? That would mean beauty leaves all others out.
A boxed-up definition of beauty can also be made for inner beauty, saying that bookworms, stellar students, uneducated people, and so forth should be left out.
This has been the source of a lot of sadness in the hearts of in millions of people. While focus on the problems young girls have with self-image as a result of the fashion industry’s definition of beauty, the fact is that all people, including men, women, old, young, and all races can suffer from such a small-minded definition.

At Nefertari, beauty is about being you. It’s about you feeling comfortable and confident with who you are. Our skin care products and services offered are specially crafted to help you feel and look your best.
Inner and outer beauties are tightly linked. There is no hard, fast rule to beauty’s meaning. Beauty from head to toe.

Credits: Anne-Sophie Rodriguez
Photographed by : Weiferd Watts

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2 Replies to “Beauty from head to toe”

  1. I really connected to this article in more ways than one. I think it is really hard to define beauty because beauty can mean so many different things to all different people across the world. People have different definitions of what beauty is and these definitions can get confusing. I often wonder about my own beauty and if I am beautiful or not. With all of these advertisements in the media, it is hard to understand what true beauty is or what true beauty actually means. It is true that many women end up having low self-esteem due to these images in magazines. These magazines define beauty in a different way than humankind does. I myself believe that everything is beautiful in its own special and unique way. I find beauty everywhere I look including inside myself! Nefertari really helps me to feel beautiful. The makeup makes me feel gorgeous inside and out. I love how they celebrate that beauty is everything in the world. Nefertari’s products help me to be able to look my best inside and out. My skin always feels so clean and fresh after I use the products. I feel as if I have brought out my best look when I use Nefertari. It means so much to me that they celebrate the beauty of women with the beauty of the skin. My skin means the world to me and with Nefertari’s products, I am able to achieve inner and outer beauty on an entirely different level.

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