Sothys Protective Lotion Face Body SPF 30

Sothys Protective Lotion Face Body SPF 30

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Are you tired of having to juggle with two different bottles of sunblock? This sun protection lotion is the ultimate solution. Itís an all-over skin protection lotion is suitable for use on both your face & body.

This powerful formula features broad spectrum protection that helps keep UVA and UVB rays from damaging skin. UVB rays are the ones known to cause skin cancer, but UVA rays causes aging signs to appear and can affect your skin even when youíre indoors. Using this lotion is a great way to keep your skin protected.

Enjoy the way the Vitamin E and Tamarind extract makes your skin hydrated and soft, while the SPF 30 prevents premature aging and sunburn. Sothys Protective Lotion can help make sure your skin not only looks gorgeous, but feels gorgeous as well and keeps it staying that way. 4.22 Fl Oz


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