Avoid Tanning Booths at All Costs – And NOT at the Cost of a Beautiful Tan!

We’ve all watched MTV’s Jersey Shore, and watched as all the cast members spend an enormous amount of time and money at tanning salons baking their skin to a cancerous crisp.  Yes, you read that last part right: cancerous.
According to the National Cancer Institute, over a million people are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer.  And this is in the United States alone. Those most at risk include people who frequent tanning booths. This is due to the skin’s exposure to artificial sources of strong ultraviolet rays. And let’s face it, no amount of tanning is worth the cost of a cancer diagnosis.

But before we stir you all up into a panic, which is in no way our intention, there is a solution.  And this solution does not come at the price of achieving a golden brown tan. Nefertari products are all about giving our customers beautiful, and above all healthy, skin in as natural a way as possible.  And in terms of tanning, we’ve done just that. When you check out the products section of our detailed web site, take a closer look at all of our “Sun Care” products.  We have a wide selection of Sothys products not only intended for sun protection, but also skin enhancement in the sun and tanning products. Our Tanning Body & Face Lotion SPF20 is a great start towards reaching that all-natural tan.  It’s not only water-resistant, but also sweat resistant and completely oil-free.  This product is truly a multi-tasker: it can be used for both sun protection as well as tanning.

The real juggernaut for tanning is the more specialized Face and Body Self-Tanning Cream.  This highly effective tanning solution gives a natural, sublime and long-lasting tan to the skin.  In addition, the effects of this product can be seen in merely a few hours after application. Once again, we at Nefertari have come up with natural, less expensive alternatives to a skin-care problem.  Don’t waste precious time, money, and healthy skin cells on artificial and harmful tanning booths.  Instead, turn to a healthier solution – and achieve similar results.

And by similar, we of course mean better 🙂

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