Top Five Strangest Myths About Skin Sun Care -Tanning

For Best Skin Sun Care -Tanning: Nefertari has scoured the worldwide web for the strangest, most bizarre myths associated with tanning.  You won’t believe what we found, and what people actually believe to be true about sun tanning.

As you read these ridiculous misinterpretations of fact, remember to use our very REAL skin sun care and sun-tanning products that can be found in the “Sun Care” section on the product page of our web site.  There’s no myth behind Nefertari choice of products such as our Sothys Progressive Sunny Glow Lotion and the Tanning Body & Face Lotion SPF20 – just real, proven results.

Without further ado, our list of the 5 most ridiculously untrue myths related to sun-tanning and sun protection.  Here goes nothing:

1.  Windows are the same as sun block.  False!  DO NOT think of the glass from the window as another layer of sunscreen.  What we do recommend, however, is that you venture outside into the sun with the rest of the world, and use our highly effective SPF 30 lotion instead of a pane of glass from your bedroom window.  Water is also not protection against the sun. Luckily, Sothys sun-care products are all water-resistant.

2.  UVA Rays are the only harmful rays.  Again, not true.  UVB rays also cause sun damage – only these rays give you warning signs that damage has occurred.  UVA rays are more dangerous.  Increased exposure combined with no protection against UVA rays can lead to serious consequences including skin cancer.  Consult with your doctor and take the necessary steps this summer to protect against UVA rays.

3.  If you start with a base tan, you will be immune to sunburns.  Discovery Health debunked this myth.  And they’re right: just because you begin a day at the beach with a tan does not mean you’ll leave the beach without a burn.  Always apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure, and then continue to reapply every 2 hours.

4.  People with darker skin are more immune to sun burns.  Unfortunately for those without fair skin, this is yet another myth.  While darker skin tones are less to show redness than their fairer skin counterparts, they are not completely immune.  The same amount of care and attention to sun-protection should be practiced by all, no matter the color of their skin.

5.  It’s partly cloudy!  I can’t get sunburned when it’s cloudy!  This is perhaps the most common misconception.  While the power of ultraviolet rays is reduced, they are not eliminated.  So even though you may view the cloud cover as a safety net, remember the cumulative effect of the sun’s rays throughout the day is about the same on a partly cloudy day.  Don’t forget to sunscreen!

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