Velvet Hands

Rejuvenating hand treatment revives your skin in the most extreme conditions. In perfect affinity with the skin, it stimulates the cellular functions, quenches and stimulates the epidermis for a softer skin.
A light and unctuous hand cream, ultra-protective, it nourishes the hands and nails, and softens the skin for optimal softness which will provide you with hydration and visible repair from skin damage caused by UV exposure. Hand treatment also helps even out skin tone.

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Tips For Winter Skin

Check these Tips for Winter Skin

As winter approaches, it is time to ensure that the skin is  well protected, radiant and healthy throughout the season. With the following tips and the proper skin care regime, you can keep your skin moisturized and protected throughout the colder winter months.

To lock in the moisture, after showering, while the skin is still wet, apply one of our 3 beautifully scented dry body oils: Satin Elixir with Cherry Blossom, Massage Elixir with Ginger, Mandarin and Nutmeg and Beauty Garden Nourishing Oil with Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon, applying the oil on damp skin will help to lock in moisture  and will not leave any oily residue.
Thalassothys® Hydra-Nourishing Body Lotion.

To instantly quench the skin and maintain skin’s water at a maximum level, apply the Hydroptimale THI3 Mask regularly. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, massage  any remaining product into the skin and sleep in it. In the morning the skin is baby soft and plum and well protected. Also can be used the day before a special holiday event! Questions:

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Remember Skin Fitness




Your Skin Fitness 

As we leave the sun and summer months behind and move toward a new fall season, it is important to remember the fitness of our skin. Dehydration can be caused by many factors, the elements play a major part during the summer months. Adding nourishment to the skin can provide extra protection from the harsh elements. Increasing hydration levels can also inhibit the fine lines of aging, when combined with regular exfoliation creating smoother healthier appearance. The radiant glow of healthy skin is noticed by all and creates an overall feeling of well being. So as summer winds down and we move into fall don’t forget your skin. Given proper nutrients and cleansing  as well as protection your skin can maintain that radiant glow.

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Paris – Sothys Makeup Collection

This season’s hottest looks mixes glamed-out eyes and bright lips supplemented
with glowing skin. Smokey eyes are perfect for a night out, while lips are bright
with tenderness and innocence.

New smart and stylized make-up look for all women with character. A graphic style
with beautifully structured hair and elegant evening wear: this winter Sothys enhances
your skin with inspired shades.
Mineral powder eyeliner with smoky shades for the eyes, rose red hydra glide lipstick,
a perfect complexion and metallic pearl nails for a feminine, irresistible make-up!

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