Sothys Vitality Lotion

Sothys Vitality Lotion

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Sothys Vitality Lotion is a great solution for those looking for a toner that does not over-dry the skin. The purpose of this skin care product is to clean the skin of impurities, like the pollution, make-up, and dust that can build up on it throughout the day. Sothys Vitality Lotion is recommended for those with Normal to Combination skin and can prove to be a very vital step of your skincare regime. It is made with real grapefruit extract and uses a hydro-distillation process to create a highly enjoyable experience. With Sothys Vitality Lotion, there’s no need to worry about your skin getting that uncomfortable tightening that happens with many other products. Instead, the lotion hydrates the skin and balances the skin’s pH. This fresh, unique lotion is sure to become your next new favorite toner. Directions for use: First, be sure to cleanse the skin with a Sothys facial cleanser. Next, apply the lotion to dampened cotton pads. Then gently wipe your face and don’t forget the neck area. Afterwards, apply the Sothys serum or cream treatment that is appropriate for your skin type. There is no need to remove the lotion from the skin. Not sure Sothys Vitality Lotion is right for you? Consider getting a Nefertari Skin Care Consultation. 6.7 FlOz


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