“Before I had a consult with Houria, I suffered from cystic acne, redness, and an expensive compulsion to use over 14 products on my skin every day. After my first consult, Houria’s prescribed skin-detox clarified my skin—and reduced my regimen to six products for both day and night. My skin is now so clear that I’ve abandoned foundation.”

Yellowlees Douglas, Gainesville, FL

"I had been going to a dermatologist to deal with my persistent acne for over ten years, with no lasting result. Houria set up a personalized regimen for me and now just six months later, my skin has improved remarkably — my acne has faded away completely!

S.C., Stanford CA

While Skyping my parents my dad asked out of the blue "why is your skin so clear?". I was shocked he could see that big of a difference over a video call. I told him it's because I met a skin expert named Houria who really cares about my skin. Nothing boosts beauty like a hefty dose of confidence, and that's exactly what I've gotten from Nefertari.com

Lauren R. San Francisco, CA

”My favorite Houria's products are helping me lie about my age even when I'm around people who I should be truthful with . . .the priest at church could not believe I was 50 years old. Even my husband noticed, as he accused me of having a face lift and not telling him as he didn’t see me for few months. These highly effective personal care products have caused my customer's to stop in mid-sentence during our business meetings to ask what I've been doing to my face.”

K.M., Atherton CA

"By her knowledge and experience, Houria knows exactly what is good for you. After listening carefully to your concerns, Houria will advise you about her great product line and give you different ways to proceed in order to get results.

Isabelle Stephan, San Carlos CA.

"Playing water polo in high school, I was exposed to chlorine and sun every day. I immediately started using products Houria recommended daily and haven't gone back since. My skin stays fresh and acne free!"

Matt Leyrat, San Carlos CA.

”I had never really had skin problems except for fragile capillaries on my cheeks. When we met, Houria made me realize that my skin needed more attention. She helped me find a comprehensive line of products for sensitive skin, which I first tried using the samples that she offered to me. Houria’s approach is not only aesthetic and cosmetic, but also therapeutic. She not only evaluates the skin, but also how committed the person is to take care of it. This allows her to adapt the treatments to each patient to make them more efficient and it also avoided me buying additional products that a teenage boy would not have had the patience to use.

A.L., San Carlos, CA.

”I have had psoriasis on my hands in varying degrees of severity since about 2001. Psoriasis very quickly spread on my face, forming thick areas that were inflamed and dry and I became very self conscious of my appearance. I went to see a dermatologist in Stanford clinic, who was not only unsympathetic but also unable to offer any real help. I was introduced to Houria, who offered outstanding advice regarding my skin care. She evaluated my skin and suggested I try a simple regimen of four products to begin to clean and condition my skin before I resorted to any chemical-base product. In a couple of weeks, my skin began to look healthier, nourished. As long as I am diligent and use my products as Houria recommends, the Psoriasis is under control. Moreover, my skin looks clear and healthy.

S.A, Sunnyvale. CA

"Although I live in London and have never met Houria, it really has not made any difference in her advice and care of my skin. Through detailed consultations over Skype she has been able to determine which of the Sothys products work best for me.  Starting any new skin regime is daunting especially if you have suffered from chronic skin problems all your life.  Houria created a tailored and very personal skin regime and was on hand to look after me and provide follow up consultations to see how my skin was doing - and of course, it's doing great!"

Emily B. London UK

"A year ago I reached a point of frustration with my skin because of a persistent problem with Rosacea. Houria evaluated my skin and suggested I try a simple regimen of four products .In keeping with Houria's approach to add only the products to my regimen that made sense for my lifestyle and needs, she had me try the Clearness Serum. Bingo. My Rosacea began to fade. As long as I am diligent and use my products as Houria recommends, the Rosacea is under control. Moreover, my skin looks clear and healthy, and I do not use any foundation to cover up.

Robin Parker Meredith, Palo Alto CA.

" I have been using Sothys products for about 6 months and have noticed a real improvement: my over-40 acne is much more under control and my skin has a better texture. This improvement wouldn't have been possible without the advice of Houria, who is very knowledgeable of her products and will tell you exactly what you need, over a cup of coffee, with a big smile! I assure you you won't be disappointed with Houria, who marries her professionalism with quality products, at a reasonable rate."

Christine Zaky, Menlo Park CA.

" Houria has offered outstanding consultation regarding my skin care. Whenever I have questions she responds immediately, and customizes the approach to fit my lifestyle, pocketbook, and skin. I have used the Sothys products for three months and am a convert!

Mary Winby, Palo Alto CA.

"Houria's Skin Care advice is very good and she can just look at the person and know exactly what to use to create a difference in skin texture. The makeup is very sheer, light and looks very natural and I highly recommended it with the other products I'm using, when I first started people noticed the difference in my skin just after two weeks."

Debbie Baker, Palo Alto CA