At Nefertari, our focus is on helping you achieve and maintain healthy skin. Much of that is providing you with the right information. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions presented by some of our customers. If you have even more questions, please feel free to contact us.

How can I know if Sothys is the right brand for me?

There are many brands of skin care products on the market, and while some of them are terrible, others do offer natural products that provide the promised benefit. Nevertheless, we highly recommend Sothys for obtaining healthy skin that is beautiful, vibrant, and soft to the touch. This is because of our years of experience in the skin care industry. We have worked in spas and dermatologists offices for many years, allowing us to witness the performance of several different skin care products, both over-the-counter and prescription strength. Of all of these, Sothys was always the brand that performed the best on a wide variety of skin issues. As we would only want to offer our customers skincare products that are truly effective, we recommend Sothys and have become an authorized retailer for the brand.

Which Sothys products are right for my skin?

Sothys has a wide range of product available to help people of all sorts of skin problems and types achieve healthy skin. When you shop our line of merchandise, all the products are arranged by skin condition. However, we highly recommend that you opt for a skin care consultation. This is because misdiagnosis is one of the biggest reasons people struggle for their skin for several years and never get the clear, beautiful skin they want. Another reason is the nature of their skincare regimen. During a skin care consultation we correctly identify skin problems and design a customized skin care regimen that helps you get the desired results. We serve customers worldwide.

Will Sothys resolve my skin issues?

There are numerous skin issues that can be effectively corrected through the use of Sothys. This includes things like acne, aging, some types of rosacea, dry skin, hyper pigmentation, and more. For over a decade we have witnesses people of all different skin types and conditions finally obtain beautiful skin after a lifetime of struggling. They got the results because they started using Sothys and found the skincare regimen that works for them. If you have painful skin, we highly recommend seeing a dermatologist, but we are confident that Sothys is your solution. For best results, get a Nefertari skin care consultation.

Why should I buy Sothys from Nefertari instead of somewhere else?

We are aware that we are not the only company selling Sothys products online, but it is also a fact that there are very few out there that are authorized dealers of Sothys skincare products. Many of those that are not authorized are selling product that did not come straight from the Sothys. Instead, they came through a third-party. Many people buy Sothys from these sellers because of an attractive discount, only to find the products are expired and ineffective. Worst of all, since they purchase from an unauthorized seller, these can get no help from Sothys when they ask for a product replacement or refund. Nefertari is a real, authorized Sothys dealer, meaning you can trust the products that come from us.