Sothys Post-Depilatory Softening Care

Sothys Post-Depilatory Softening Care

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Sothys Post-Depilatory Softening CreamA formula with active ingredients selected to act at the heart of the hair re-growth process. Your skin is clear for longer, and your legs soft.An Unctuous and Hydrating Cream for your skin to be used between waxing sessions. Apply after waxing or shaving, morning and eveningfor 5 consecutive days, then once a day until the next session. Unctuous (Soft and Rich Texture - Creamy) 3.38 FL. Oz./100 mlActive Ingredients: [Post Depilatory Complex]-Chaparral - Slows Hair Growth, reduces density.-Brown Algae - Slows hair growth by inhibiting the effect of hormones on hair growth.-Urea - Inhibits hair growth. 


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