BX Wrinkle Corrector

BX Wrinkle Corrector

Product Details


Inspired by the advanced dermo-esthetic technique - botulinum toxin injections. Sothys high precision packaging and high tech formula offer a twice daily micro dose of dermo-relaxing peptides and hyaluronic acid to relax the expression lines and fill the wrinkles. Suitable for women and men who want to erase their expression lines, relax the features and have a more youthful appearance.

BX Wrinkle Corrector is perfect for those who want to:

  • Strengthen the effects of botulinum toxin injection.
  • Push back / delay the next injection.
  • Seeking an alternative solution to dermo-esthetic botulinum toxin injections.
  • Expression lines visibly fade away. The skin becomes smoother. The face appears younger. The features look relaxed, smooth and rejuvenated.